Evans Street Station

I think there is something that is still fascinating about firehouses. When I was a kid, my Father had a machine shop for one of the departments of the City of Detroit, and it was located in the complex that held the Fire Department school. It was always fascinating to visit him there. I remember getting a chance to slide down the brass pole from the second floor to the garage next to the engines, as well as a chance to play on the engines. I also remember jumping from a window and the firemen catching me in the big rope basket that you still see in the cartoons, but are not longer used because of liability issues, but that is another story. All of this rambling leads me to a restaurant that is off the beaten path and I went with my Bride and three of her friends; so I was surrounded by a bevy of females and I was in my glory. We all got into one car and took a road trip to Tecumseh, Michigan; and yes, you can’t get there from here. The restaurant that we were going to was once a firehouse, and I took the long way around to get this fact. Evans Street Station was a restaurant that I had heard about, and finally got a group together to try it out.

Duckhorn Merlot Three Palms Vineyard 1999

As we were entering into the restaurant, I stopped to look at the dinner menu that they had posted outside, along with the lunch menu, and I noticed that they had Foie Gras as an appetizer for dinner, but not for lunch. When our waiter came by to take drink orders and we started with some cocktails, I asked if there was a possibility of getting some Foie Gras with our lunch. When he returned with the drinks, he informed me that yes, the kitchen would be more than happy to prepare as many dishes of it, that were ordered, and right then I knew we would all be happy. We ended up ordering two plates of the Foie Gras, an order of the Lobster Spring Roll, an order of Baked Brie with Balsamic, and an order of the Sweet Potato Crab Cakes. All of these dishes were shared and shared until there was nothing left but the plates. The women ordered Caesar Salads, but I opted for a bowl of the Michigan Potato Chowder and it was the most smooth and velvety bisque that I have ever had, not even related to any other potato soup that I have ever tried. The entrée plates that were ordered were equally wonderful, and because we had arrived late in the afternoon we had our choice of the lunch or dinner menu and we all ordered dinners. The beef tenderloin was done perfectly to order with a side order of a timbale that was formed using paper thin strips of Yukon Gold and Sweet Potatoes filled with mushrooms, shallots and a bit of cheese. There was an order of Sesame Seed dusted Scallops, a rack of lamb with Saffron Couscous, and two orders of the Celery Root crusted Salmon with creamed leeks. There was enough “oohs and ahs” as everyone was making little side tasting plates for the others to enjoy. We were having so much fun that the lunch had morphed into the dinner hours of the restaurant and none of the staff made any mention of it, as we were certainly happy to be there.

MI Evans Street Station

After we had placed our cocktail orders, I began looking over the wine list, with my able bodied assistant. As soon as my Bride saw that they had Duckhorn Merlot, I though she was going to do the “Happy Dance” in the restaurant. One of the other women that were in attendance had done the Napa trip with us, and she was the reason that all of us were getting together to have the meal. She also concurred on the Duckhorn Merlot. The other two ladies were more than happy to try any wine that the three of us were in agreement on. We went for the gusto and by the time the meal was through, we had gone through three bottles of Duckhorn Merlot Three Palms Vineyard 1999. From the beginning of the Duckhorn Winery, the Three Palms Vineyard has been part of their wine offerings, and it is a wonderful wine, if you ever get a chance to try it, and if I recall from our trip to the winery, this is not a huge production. I know that our waiter was more than happy with our selection and for all the food that had been ordered on a rather slow afternoon. I am happy to say that even out in Tecumseh, away from the maddening crowd; Evans Street Station is still a going concern and still getting people to make the trip.

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