The Motor Bar at the Book Cadillac Hotel

Years ago, and I mean years ago, when I was in high school, I belonged to the Armenian Youth Federation. I remember checking out the downtown hotels for a conference to get the best arrangement for the club and to keep the costs down as we were all teenagers. One of the hotels that I looked into was the Book Cadillac Hotel, which has reopened in Detroit in the last couple of years after being shuttered for a period of years. I had a couple of meetings with the sales department, and I guess between my suits and my moustache I appeared older, even though I was acting in a capacity for a youth group. On one of the trips to the sales department, the salesman took me out for dinner and drinks to “sell” the hotel, and who was I to say no? I mean, have you ever met a teenager that didn’t have a great appetite? The salesman must have known, but he ate as much as I did that time.

Romanee St Vivant Domaine Marey Monge 1967

I remember that I did not have to even make any decisions, as my contact person was doing all of the ordering. I started off with Clams Casino, followed by a bowl of Lobster Bisque with the lacing. It was the first time that I ever had a spinach salad with a hot bacon dressing and I did enjoy that salad. For the entrée, I cannot remember the name of the dish, but it was jumbo shrimp (prawns?) stuffed with crabmeat in a lobster sauce, and it must have been a double order, because the plate was laden with the shrimp (see the things that I can remember). After dinner we enjoyed a couple of Hummers, this is a drink that I believe was born in Detroit and is a cocktail in a milkshake, and I might add, rather lethal.

MI Motor Bar Book Cadillac Hotel Logo

I was being wined and dined in royal style that evening and we had a bottle of Romanee-St.-Vivant Domaine Marey-Monge 1967. This is a Pinot Noir wine from the Cotes d’Or of Burgundy. I have to say that this wine is a bit more than just a Burgundy wine; it is from the Cote de Nuits and the village of Vosne-Romanee. One of the most famous Grands Crus of this village is the four acre estate Romanee-Conti, which is owned entirely by the Domaine de la Romanee-Conti (DRC), which also owns all of La Tache, and parts of Richebourg, Grands-Eschezeaux, Eschezeaux and Montrachet. The only reason that I mention the DRC is that they produce and market the wines of another vineyard in Vosne-Romanee owned by the widow of General Marey-Monge. This was a leasing arrangement and the DRC had first options on the property and they finally purchased the vineyard and this label no longer exists. I think that the salesman wanted to try this wine, and I got to be the lucky recipient of his expense account.

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2 Responses to The Motor Bar at the Book Cadillac Hotel

  1. Fun memory, where did you eventually decide to have your club conference and how did that go?

    • We actually ended up about two blocks away at the Detroit Statler Hilton Hotel, which saw several other meetings for the group as well. There are always great memories for me, and the wine links help as well. Thank you again for stopping by.
      – John

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