A Couple of Phone Calls from The Caller

Over the course of these articles, I have kept the cast of characters to a minimum, though in reality, this Raconteur has met and knows some very colorful characters. The one cast member that gets the most attention is the Bride, and then after that I guess would be “The Caller.” This nickname was actually awarded to him by another wine Blogger and the two have never met, but The Winegetter dubbed him, and Oliver, ever since then, that is his name. Lately he has been like a Ninja, sending short and fast texts and photos to me of what he has discovered and liked while out dining.

Domaine de Paris 2013 neck label

The first cryptic message I got was of the neckband and the lower label from a bottle of wine that he and his wife were enjoying with some cheese, crackers and fruit out on their gazebo overlooking the lake that they live on. The wine was Domaine de Paris 2013, from the Cotes de Provence. A rose wine from the Southern Rhone area, and Cotes de Provence is the largest appellation in Provence. The label reads “vieilles vignes” which just means “old vines” and is a term that I think is more for marketing, but it does sound nice, as I am not sure what determines old. Some of these old vines are of the following varietals for this wine; Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault and Carignan. I told The Caller that it should have been a wonderful pink wine on the summer afternoon that he contacted me.

Domaine de Paris 2013 bottom label

The other text message I received a few weeks later, found he and his wife in Biloxi, Mississippi and they were dining on mussels, followed by blackened red fish and shrimp. He does like to surprise me and I think he likes to let me know that he is getting around. This time he was enjoying a wine from the Galicia area of Spain, and more narrowly from Rias Baixas. The photo showed a bottle of Paco & Lola Albarino 2012, this is produced by the Soc. Coop. Arousana, the winery is also known as Rosalia de Castro and they are the third largest producer in Rias Baixas. This Albarino wine, known locally as Albarinho is a charming white wine and I think he paired it with his dinner very well. I texted him back and informed him that we had just bought some Albarino wine ourselves. His last message that evening was “great minds.” My Bride has made a couple of tentative dinner dates with the two of them, and it will be a joy to see them again.

Paco & Lola Alabarino Rias Baixas 2012

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