“It’s Always Something”

For those of you of a certain age, “it’s always something” was a line heard on the original version of “Saturday Night Live” and was spoken by Gilda Radner. It is also the name of her book about her coping with cancer, before her death. Ms. Radner died in 1989, and in the Detroit area there is now one of the many “Gilda’s Club” homes that opened in 1998, which is befitting since she was a Detroit native, and we are both alumni of the same high school. We went to the “Sixth Annual Bras for a Cause,” a fund raiser for the local Gilda’s Club and it was very well attended. Everywhere one looked there were tables of “silent auction” items donated for the cause, but the most unique items were the many and varied decorated bras, many designed by cancer survivors. Some were cute; some were poignant and most were extremely creative. In fact one of them tickled my fancy because it featured one of my other favorite hobbies.

Philatelic Bra

As we arrived to the event and showed our tickets, we also received a wrist band, in case we were going to enjoy a drink during the affair. Along with all of the tables of auction items, there was also a strolling dinner offered at many tables, by restaurants, catering halls and bakeries to keep the people nourished as we milled around. As one would expect, some of the establishments did a better job, then others, but it was a lot of fun, and it was interesting to see that some of them misjudged the amount of food that they had brought, as some of the tables were emptied before the affair was finished. We also had to go up to the balcony of the theatre to enjoy some coffee and sweets, and there was also another bar there as well. Some of the restaurants also had coupons offering a free lunch, or free appetizers to the attendees of “Bras for a Cause” and I thought this was quite generous of them.

MI Bras for a Cause Booklet

We did partake of the cash bar a couple of times while we were there, which was run by venue itself, and since I have never attended the establishment before, I cannot attest if what they were serving was the normal or not. We had some glasses of Nathanson Creek Winery Chardonnay NV of Lodi, California and part of the Constellation Brands group of wines. I have encountered this wine at other charity events and fund raisers, as the wine is made for instant consumption without the concern of aging. This is the type of wine one encounters at a party, just to have something to drink and to relax, but not to write home to Ma about. All in all, it did seem that everyone enjoyed the evening and I do hope that Gilda’s Club had a very successful fund raiser.

Nathanson Creek Chardonnay NV

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