I Made it to Sixty – Dinner at Marais (Part Two)

You have to beg my indulgence to spread this dinner out as well as the articles, and there will be one more part, as the dinner was an indulgence and an experience. A “Chef’s Tasting” is a meal to be savored, and the person that accompanied me at this dinner, my best dining associate, my Bride.

Domaine Matrot Meursault 2012

The next two courses were from the sea, and they required a white wine, which is a proper segue from the Sparkling Wine that we started off with. The next two courses were of a European flavor. We enjoyed Charred Spanish Octopus with Green Olives and a Tomato Confit and a Black Garlic, Arugula and Lemon Verbena Aioli. This may have been the most tender and perfectly prepared octopus dish that I have ever had, as I was a bit concerned when I saw it as one of the courses, as I have unfortunately experienced this dish as a rather rubbery entrée, but not this evening. This dish was followed with a Mediterranean Turbot that came with Smoked Rissole Potatoes, Garlic Butter Infused Clams and Sea Beans. This was another dish that hit all the right notes, as Turbot is not a fish I would normally order as I find it to be rather bland at the hands of some chefs, but we were not disappointed again, though my Bride is a bigger fan of fish, then I am.

MI Marais Bag

We had a bottle of Domaine Matrot Meursault 2012, a White Burgundy from the Cote de Beaune and of course it is a Chardonnay. I like to trick people that say they are “ABC” or “Anything But Chardonnay” and I will have them try a glass of Meursault, and watch them gush over the wine, and then I reveal that they are enjoying a glass of Chardonnay; but then this is a classic wine from France and has a totally different taste and nose from most Chardonnay wines from California, so they are excused if they notice the difference in interpretation of the terroir and wine making techniques. Domaine Matrot is a family owned estate that has endured for five generations, and it paired very well with the two different dishes that it was selected for. We had gone this far into the dinner, still totally happy and looking for the next dishes.enjoyed and not rushed, and that is how I shall report it. We were in no hurry to see the evening end as we were having a wonderful time, not to mention that I had a wonderful

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