Some New Offices

I had the privilege of attending a party to showcase the new suites for an accountant. I went as a guest and the leasing agency for the building had a wonderful affair to show off the new units, along with the local chamber of commerce. The gentleman was ecstatic over his new location, and it was a moment of serendipity that it all came together just at the right moment. The suites were even furnished, so he did not have to worry about that aspect. Between the local chamber of commerce and their commendable work, and his clientele there was quite a crowd there that evening. I even had the good fortune to run into a member of my dinner club and his spouse at the event, and we were both surprised to see each other.

Sycamore Lane Chardonnay 2012

The leasing agency did a wonderful job to showcase the suites, and they had a beverage center at one end and a selection of charcuterie, cheese and assorted other finger foods at the other end. There were also some servers with trays of hot appetizers for the guests to enjoy as well. There was another room set up with coffee and an assortment of desserts to finish the experience for everyone. It was first class and very well done.

Sycamore Lane Red Wines

At the beverage center there were a choice of wines from Sycamore Lane; the choices were a Chardonnay, a Merlot and a Cabernet Sauvignon, all with a California designation. I tried the Chardonnay and the Cabernet Sauvignon and they were both good choices for this type of an affair. Sycamore Lane is one the thirty-four labels from the Trinchero Family Estates group of wines. The Sycamore Lane group is a food-service only line of wines, so it is not available directly to the public. It is designed to be the house wine for bars, restaurants and catering companies, and since it is a “blind item” in regards to price, no one can complain that they are getting a second rate wine, because it is unknown in the retail world. I think the Trinchero Family Estates did a fine job with these wines and the niche market that they are focused on.

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