Having Wines at Bistro on the Greens

After four hours and fifteen minutes in the car (can you tell that I am a Michigander?), a half hour ferry ride and just short of a mile hike we arrived at our destination for a conference. We were going once again to Mission Point Resort on Mackinac Island. The reason for the hike, is that on Mackinac Island there are only three vehicles (I believe) a police car, a fire fighting vehicle and an ambulance. The methods of transportation on this resort island is by foot, by bicycle or by horse drawn taxis, so one does have to keep an eye on the road, unless one wants to have some unwanted extras on their shoes; in fact just due to this fact, my Bride took her oldest pair of walking shoes to the island. Our hotel had arrangements with one of the ferry services, so we did not have to walk our luggage to the hotel, which is a good thing, as not only were we carrying clothes and necessities, but two lap top computers, one projector as an adjunct to one of the computers, and another suit case just for documents, brochures and other items for the conference. I would not have been a happy camper lugging all of that luggage for a mile going uphill at times.

Andrieux & Fils Cuvee Victoria Cotes de Provence 2013
There were several building on the campus of the resort, in fact at one time this resort was an actual campus, but it had been totally remodeled and updated. We had a suite in one of the outlaying buildings away from the main lodge and the conference center as well. We had a two room suite, which was very nice, but the best part was we had an enclosed patio off of the suite with tables and chairs and a very private hot tub. Since we did not have a lake view this was great, as our patio abutted a wooded bluff, so we away from all distractions. For two days in the late afternoon there was a small gathering at the “Bistro on the Greens” at the resort. The ‘greens” was a small well manicured miniature golf putting course overlooking the lake, a part of the channel, so one got a chance to watch the huge freighters that ply the Great Lakes for commerce.

Ch L'Hospitalet Coteaux du Languedoc La Clape 2007
The Bistro had a small menu, a small bar and a small collection of wines for those that either finished “golfing” or just wanted to enjoy the charming weather and enjoy a drink or two. We tried several different glasses of wines during our gatherings and two of them caught my fancy.

Mission Point Resort Suite Spa
The two wines that I will mention were from the “interesting” list of wines on the wine list. The first wine was Andrieux & Fils Cuvee Victoria Cotes de Provence 2013, a rose wine, which is one of the well known types of wine from the Provence region. This wine is a blend of Grenache and Syrah and was very enjoyable in the afternoon sun, and thankfully we were all grouped under the veranda of the Bistro and had a great view. The second wine was Chateau L’Hospitalet La Reserve Coteaux du Languedoc La Clape 2007 by Gerard Bertrand. The Coteaux du Languedoc is becoming more popular, especially for the price points, as so many French wines from the great regions are pricing themselves out of the price of fun drinking, and hence some of the producers are really making strides to get away from the concept of just making table wines. This wine was a mix of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre and I enjoy this wine as well. I am not big on using flowery descriptive terms for wines, especially since I was not going to keep a log while I was enjoying the company of friends and to me that makes the wines all that much better in taste and in memories.

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