A Graduation Party

This is the time of year when high school students have graduation parties and we just went to one for a young that happens to be our nephew. He graduated from a military academy and is getting ready to start his high education in equine studies, which goes beyond just equestrian arts. The young man lives in Kentucky, but both of his parents are from the Detroit area, as well as the majority of their relatives, so they elected to have the graduation party in Michigan.

Concannon Chardonnay 2012
The venue selected is a great complex that is a huge marina, restaurant, bar, catering, apartments or condos (I am not sure), boathouses and a myriad of related amenities. Mac & Ray’s is a great place to have a party, and I have been there on prior occasions as well, that is how I can explain the matchbook that is becoming an antique curio, as they are no longer given out. The graduation party was held as a Sunday brunch and there was a fine turnout to honor the young gentleman of the moment. The brunch was in the main dining room and we were in an adjacent banquet room with a great view of the marina and Anchor Bay. It was a classic style brunch set up with a very long table of chafing dishes with assorted breakfast dishes, a Prime Rib carving station, a custom omelet station and then a sweet table. As is typical for a brunch like this, one cannot eat all that is offered, well perhaps the teenagers can, but at my age, I did not even try.

MI Mac & Ray's MB
Our banquet room also had a private bar that was well stocked with assorted liquors and beers. The wines offered were typical for an institutional meal like this and I tried the Chardonnay, it was agreeable, so I stayed with it for the time; they also were offering Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon as well. Concannon Chardonnay 2012 was my choice, and it is listed as a Glen Ellen Proprietor’s Reserve, but it carries a California AVA. Since they were not serving Mimosas I figured that a Chardonnay would be the best choice for the dishes I was choosing.

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