A New Collection of Wines

I was visiting a local clothier who does an excellent job in his craft and he likes to entertain his clients as if they were in his home. He always offers coffee and espresso, water, and soft drinks. He also maintains a selection of beers in a well stocked refrigerator with representation from several countries around the world. He also likes to have some wine on hand to offer his clientele.

Los Hermanos Tinto and Cabernet Sauvignon
While I was there, he received cases of wine for his wine cellar and he asked me to take a look at what he was getting. A quick look revealed that it was from a division of Beringer Vineyards of Napa Valley, but this was a collection labeled Los Hermanos and it was a new grouping for me, so I did some research, as my curiosity was piqued. Beringer Vineyards has been an old stand by for me, and I have had some great bottles from this company over the years. Los Hermanos is the name of the original vineyards where in 1876 the Beringer Brothers began, hence Los Hermanos which is Spanish for The Brothers.

Los Hermanos Chardonnay and Moscato
That is all I could actually find from the Beringer web site, and there was a hyper-link to the Facebook page for this collection where I further read on their “About” page that Los Hermanos “offers five varieties with a slightly sweeter taste profile.” Which I took to mean that they are marketing this collection to “new” wine drinkers who are used to having sweeter drinks. The five varieties of wine were: Cabernet Sauvignon, Moscato, Chardonnay, Rosado, and Tinto. All of the wines are Non-Vintage and are just California wines, so the bulk fruit is harvested across the state.

Los Hermanos Rosado
The three wines with varietal names are straight forward, but it was the two other labels that I was curious about. I tried to research the Rosado, which is a Rose wine and the only one that I tried at the moment. After searching several sites the only entry that I found about this was “a non varietal rose blend” and to me, it tasted more like a White Zinfandel, then any Rose wine that I have had before. The Tinto was another wine that I had to research and what I found was Zinfandel, Muscat, Shiraz, Pinot Noir and others. It just surprised me that I had to hunt for some answers as most manufacturers have web sites that offer an overload of technical information and for this collection there was only hype. I am sure that in the course of time, I will try the other wines from this collection.

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