Reunion Plans and Roman Village

I wrote about Wilson Junior High School in Detroit, and how we had our third year “non-year” reunion last summer.  The Gods must have been pleased, because a new planning committee is afoot for the fourth reunion.  There has been a grand time at each reunion, because after Junior High, all of the kids from the neighborhood were splintered off into at least four different high schools, so a lot of childhood friendships were severed by the school structure.  With the advent of social media, a lot of the friendships have been rekindled and the numbers are swelling.

 Ique Malbec Mendoza 2012

The other day a group of about thirty interested alumni got together for a second meeting to further the goal of this fourth reunion.  The restaurant chosen was one that I have written about in the past, as well as about one of the other restaurants in their chain.  The original restaurant that started this chain of Italian restaurants is Roman Village, and though it is in Dearborn, it became part of the old neighborhood by being located across from General George S. Patton Park which was “the” park for the neighborhood.  I am sure that the dinner party created some headaches for the waiter, as there were a lot of separate checks for this group, but he handled it with apparent ease.  There was a vast assortment of dishes being ordered, and by far the pizzas outnumbered every other order, as the alumni was reliving memories.  I being the radical that I am, ordered a plate of Gnocchi with Rita Sauce, a Pancetta and Mushroom Blush Sauce.  Think of it as a Palomino Sauce with smoked bacon and mushrooms, and it was delicious.  My entrée began with fresh Italian rolls and a fine tossed salad.

 MI Antonio's BC

Since I had ordered a bottle of wine for dinner first, and then looked at the menu, because I guess I wanted to get the festivities going, my wine was a little overpowering for the dinner, but that was fine.  I ordered a bottle of Ique Malbec 2012.  This wine is from the vineyards of Lujan de Cuyo in Mendoza, Argentina and produced by Enrique Foster, hence the rather unique brand name.  As I said this wine would have been better with a meat dish, as it was full bodied, and fruit forward.  If I had selected my entrée first, I would have ordered a lighter wine, or perhaps even a white wine, but it was still enjoyable and that is the beauty of having wine with dinner.

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4 Responses to Reunion Plans and Roman Village

  1. says:

    Great article, John 🙂

  2. foxress says:

    That entrée sounds delicious!

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