Bigalora Cucina

The other night we met with our Son and his Fiancé for dinner at Bigalora Cucina.  If the restaurant sounds familiar, I have mentioned it before as Pizzeria Biga, which was the name of the restaurant when they had two locations.  When the third location in Ann Arbor opened up, it as well as the other two locations opened up under the new name.  This operation is the creation of a great chef that we have followed for the last twenty years, namely Luciano Del Signore.  We first met him at Fonte de Amore, and then at Bacco as well as his casual restaurants now known as Bigalora Cucina.

 Gran Sasso Trebbiano D'Abruzzo 2012

We met and ordered our dinners, my Bride and our soon to be Daughter-in-Law had a special Chicken and Avocado Salad, while I and our Son each had a specialized individual pizza, which is the specialty of the house.  Since everyone knows that my Bride and I enjoy wine, we do not proselytize wine to the non wine drinkers, and they were drinking either a craft beer or a Tequila cocktail.

 MI Bigalora Cucina BC

As for my Bride and I we enjoyed a white wine that I had not had that was actually on a special, written on a chalkboard.  The wine was a Gran Sasso Trebbiano D’Abruzzo “La Bella Addornmentata” 2012.  This is the only D.O.C. white wine from the Montepulciano D’Abruzzo region and I was willing to give this wine a chance, as I know that Luciano Del Signore has a passion for Italian wines and I have had some wonderful new wines (to me) while dining at his restaurants.  The unique thing about this wine that I discovered is that by law, the wine has to be 85% Trebbiano (Ugni Blanc) though it could also be Bombino Blanco which was routinely considered the same varietal, but now through DNA testing has been found to be different grapes.  The other 15% of the wine can be a blend of Cococciola, Passerina and Malavasia Blanco.  Whether or not this particular wine was Trebbiano or Bombino Blanco it was very crisp and refreshing and paired very well both with my pizza as well as my Bride’s salad.  I thought this wine was a winner especially since it was priced at Twenty Dollars in a restaurant, so I shall look for it at a wine shop near by.

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4 Responses to Bigalora Cucina

  1. Sounds wonderful – let me know if you find it in a store locally!

  2. It was a wonderful and delicious event. Congrats for having the chance to be there!

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