An Eclectic Set of Wines

Once in a while, when you are with friends at a location, you encounter a couple of wines during a good time.  Sometimes the occasion is just a mini-party or a reason to have a drink and some laughs and this was an event.  I was helping out someone and then some other people came along, and that called for a glass of wine, and this was not at my home.  The host that day claims that his palette is not that sophisticated, and hence, even though he enjoys a glass of wine or two, he says that he buys “swill.”  I would not call either wine “swill” that we opened, as they are above what I call bulk wine, and perhaps they even tasted better, because of the occasion.

Cable Car Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

The first wine that we opened up was a bottle of Cable Car Cabernet Sauvignon 2012.  This particular wine is from Lodi, California and is owned by a much larger wine concern and they produce wine for immediate consumption, as opposed to cellaring for later enjoyment.  I find this is a trend that is quite the norm among a lot of wineries these days, as this is what the buying public seems to be interested in.  The wine was a good Cabernet Sauvignon, not excellent, but I thought it hit the mark for the type of wine that it was.  It did not have a great nose, or a lingering aftertaste, but it was made for a time and place that we were in at the moment.  I would not shy away from trying some of the other wines that they produce under this label at another time similar to this affair.

Castillo de Molina Merlot 2008

After we had finished this wine, the next wine was a Merlot wine, and there were some of the groans that I hear on occasion when a Merlot is brought out.  As I try to be diplomatic, I suggested that everyone give this wine a chance as I have enjoyed other wines from Chile and have been pleased with the products.  We opened up a bottle of Castillo de Molina Merlot 2008.  This wine is from the Cachapoal Valley, which is the Northern half of the much larger area known as the Rapel Valley, which is often encountered on wines from Chile, as this is a great expanse of a wine growing area.  This particular wine, marked Merlot, also had ten percent Cabernet Sauvignon as well.  I am glad that we had this wine after the first, as I felt it had more body and taste compared to the first bottle of wine.  As a popular priced wine, I felt that it offered more of a wine experience, than I have encountered from other wines in this category.

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