From the Land of Tequila

I am sure that most of you, like me, when you think of Mexico, you think of Tequila and Margaritas.  I like mine with salt on the rim of the glass and on the rocks, while my Bride prefers a frozen one with no salt.  The debates do not end there, as there are discussions about the different brands of Tequila, not to mention the myriad of beers that have also crossed the border in the last thirty years or so.  I mention this because I received a bottle of wine recently from Mexico, and it made me remember another bottle of wine that I had also received, and I had cellared with my Spanish wines, for a lack of a better designation on the wall.

 LA Cetto Nebbiolo Valle de Guadalupe 2009

If you are like me, you would wonder what varietal would be grown in Mexico and where in Mexico.   The wine center of Mexico is in Baja California, and it appears that the best area is Valle de Guadalupe.  Now this particular bottle is a “private reserve” of L.A. Cetto and was a gift from a dear friend of ours who also penned an article once here.  I have known him and his family for years now and I truly enjoy his company, and his subtle and sly humor.  A nice Sicilian who brings me a bottle of wine from Mexico, and the varietal is Nebbiolo; the famed grape that is found in Barolo wines of Italy.  This wine like its famed cousins in the Piedmont has been aged for four plus years at the winery, prior to the release date, as to allow the tannic quality of the grape to mellow.  This wine is sounding more intriguing as I study it.

 Ch Domecq Vino Tinto Valle de Guadalupe 2002

Surprising as it sounds, another good friend of mine, also of Italian descent loves to go deep sea fishing in Mexico, and he had brought me a bottle of wine from the land of the agave azul.  This second wine is also from Valle de Guadalupe from Casa Pedro Domecq and the label reads Chateau Domecq Vino Tinto 2002.  This particular wine is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, after the first wine should I refer to this wine as a “super Guadalupe” as I think of what these varietals have done in the Tuscan region.  I guess I shall have to come up with a special themed dinner to showcase these wines and allow my two friends to meet each other.

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