A Taste of Monterey

Since this is December, the latest package of wines arrived at my house.  This is a wine shipment that I always look forward to, perhaps not the bill, but the wine.  A Taste of Monterey is a wine shop/wine club that we discovered on our first trip out to Carmel-by-the-Sea, California.  The wine club has a couple of different shipment offerings, but we have stayed with the “Private Reserve Club” as I feel that this way, the best of the Monterey area wines have the potential to arrive at our door, rather then a couple of regular wines monthly.  I have always liked the idea of getting one great, rather then two mediocre in any category, like clothes or shoes.  You could say that I am high maintenance or just appreciate the finer things in life.  This is the last quarterly shipment for the year and I will discuss the three wines that arrived.

 Boete Cabernet Sauvignon 2007

The first wine is Boete Winery Cabernet Sauvignon 2007.  This winery is in the Carmel Valley and they specialize in Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc varietals.  According to the notes supplied this wine will offer the elusive terroir of the decomposed granite and limestone soil for a profound minerality of taste.  The wine stayed in barrels for twenty months prior to bottling and this wine that is entirely of the Cabernet Sauvignon has an expected aging potential of up to ten years.

 Bernardus Rosellas Chardonnay 2010

The next wine is a Bernardus Rosella’s Chardonnay 2010.  We have been to the Bernardus Winery, tried their wines in the tasting room and dined at their famous Marinus Restaurant that is in the lodge located on the winery grounds.  We have great memories of this winery.  This particular wine is made from Dijon clone Chardonnay grapes grown on the Rosella Vineyard in the Santa Lucia Highlands, and this vineyard is also known for their Pinot Noir grapes as well.  This particular wine was in cooperage for ten months and has an aging potential of up to six years, and there was only 201 cases produced of this wine, so I am looking forward to trying this wine for sure.

 PotBelly Vintners Port NV

The last wine of this shipment and it seems to be a tradition for December is from Pot Belly Vintners.  This wine is a blend of four different vintages from a three acre plot that only grows the Souzao varietal.  As in most traditional Port wines the fermentation has been arrested by the fortification with brandy which brings the alcohol content up to 18.5%.  The aging potential for this wine is up to twenty years.  This wine calls itself a Port wine, though the classic Port wines come from Porto in Portugal.  The Portuguese government and the winemakers have gotten a ruling that only wines from the Douro Valley can now be called Port, similar to the laws governing the usage of the word Champagne.  Though wineries that were making classic port-style wines prior to this ruling have been grandfathered in, and may continue using the word Port on the label.  There is just something always charming and pleasant about having a glass of Port after a fine meal.  Of course a fine cigar to accompany the wine is a no-no around my Bride, but I can abide by that rule in the house.

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4 Responses to A Taste of Monterey

  1. We used to live in Monterey . . . Taste of Monterey was one of our favorite haunts!! Salud!

    • We have such great memories of our times in Carmel and Monterey. Taste of Monterey was one of the first places that we discovered in Monterey and we have enjoyed the club ever since. I can appreciate that it would have been one of your haunts, while you were there.
      – John

      • I would have stayed in Monterey forever . . . LOVED it there!! But we were only there for 2 years so my husband could get his Master’s at the Naval Postgraduate School. We used to visit Smith & Hook Winery, Hahn Winery and Paraiso Springs ALL the time. You??

      • Without going back and finding all of my notes, I remember Talbott, Bernardus, Georis, Hahn, Paraiso and I know there were many more that we visited. I was just surprised at how spread out they were, in comparison to Napa Valley.

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