An Impromptu Night and a Tesla

We were getting the house ready for Thanksgiving, and prepping meals, when we got a phone call.  Our family from Louisville arrived early at the hotel, and invited us to join them for dinner.  The hotel that they stay at has a wonderful restaurant that we go to periodically even when we have no family staying at the hotel.  Sweet Lorraine’s is a fun place, and I have been enjoying their food since they first opened the initial spot in another suburb.

 Mark West Pinot Noir 2011

Even though we had only seen the family only a couple of weeks earlier, there was much to catch up on.  There was some discussion about wines and the Thanksgiving dinner, but my Brother-in-Law was most enthused to discuss his new car.  He had just taken delivery of the big new Tesla (sorry I am not big on the new nomenclature that cars have, so I can not recall the letters or numbers of the car, but I know the brand).  Prior to his becoming a radiologist, he had achieved a doctorate in Electronical Engineering, so this car had completely captured his fancy.  He called it the first car of the Twenty-first Century and was he excited to discuss the car, how it handled and the quality of the engineering.  Tesla Motors should hire him to be the spokesman for the company.  Of all the fun toys that he has had, this one really has captured his interest.  He had pictures and movies on his phone already about this car and driving it.

 MI Sweet Lorraines MB

We were having a bottle of Mark West Pinot Noir 2011, which was the finest Pinot Noir on the wine list.  They could have found a better Pinot Noir for their best pick, I am sorry to say, as this wine had an Apellation California, which is quite a wide expanse of land for a designation.   It was a very slight bottle of wine, with a bit of fruit, but no after taste at all.  There are many Pinot Noir wines that could have been selected by the restaurant, and I do not usually pan a wine, but for the quality of the food from this establishment, the wine did leave a bit to be desired.  I guarantee that the wine that will be poured on Thanksgiving will atone for this lighter wine that we had.

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