C.E.O. Chief Entertaining Officer

I would be remiss, not to mention another aspect of “Exceptional Chefs Celebrating Exceptional Education” and the Carriage House Educational Services.  One of the program sponsors of the evening was the firm of Brown-Forman Corporation, one of the largest American-owned companies in the wine and spirits business, located in Louisville, Kentucky.  The Master of Ceremony for the event to raise money for the education of Autistic children and other children with special requirements was Mr. Tim Laird, the C.E.O. of Brown-Forman, but his title is “Chief Entertaining Officer.”  He also has a local television show in Louisville about wine, food and entertaining as well as an author of two books, the proceeds of which went to Carriage House as well.  Since we already had the first book, we had to purchase the new book “That’s Entertaining,” which Tim placed a dedication and an autograph within.

 That's Entertaining

He also created a special cocktail that evening that he was serving to the guests the “Carriage House Cooler” which was one ounce of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Whiskey, three ounces Lemonade, a squeeze of Lemon and a dash of Bitters.  It had a very unique flavor and the table was very busy serving up the drink.  They were also very busy passing out tastes of their premier sipping Bourbon Larrot & Graham Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select.  I think as a Northerner, I was greeted with open arms as I had requested the Bourbon neat, as that is my usual preference for sipping Bourbon, as I do not think a piece of ice is beneficial to the smooth taste of the drink.  As I had several chances to talk with Tim Laird, I thought this man has the job, which would be the envy of a lot of people that I know.  He gets to regale people on the aspect of entertaining and enjoying fine drinks with them.

 Woodford Reserve

Before I leave this fine charity event, I have to mention the unique desserts that one of the businesses The Comfy Cow was serving.  They had six different ice creams or sorbets that they were offering, and not the typical flavors that one usually encounters.  They had the Policeman’s Special (which had pieces of donuts mixed in), Pumpkin Spice, Bonjour Toast (with French toast, cinnamon and syrup), Aww Shucks (which had roasted corn), Just Beet It (roasted beets) and a Fudgesicle Sorbet.  I would venture to say that it is needless to say that they were very busy for the evening as well.

 Ca'Martini Pinot Grigio

To finish the article, I do need to mention wine, somewhere on this page, so let me mention that the fine restaurant Vincenzo’s had a magnum or larger bottle of Ca’Martini Pinot Grigio at their station, but alas it was merely a prop and they were not serving any of the wine that evening.

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