Birthdays and Halloween Combined

As I have written before, the family usually gets together to celebrate all of the birthdays for the month on one day, this year a Halloween party was combined with it.  The venue was also changed, so that we could see a new house in the family.   It was quite an undertaking and we crossed the metro area to this new home with our car loaded with food that my Bride had prepared as well as with wine and even some folding chairs to help out.  I would venture to say that the majority of the people that attended wore costumes in honor of the festivities.

 JAT jatt Halloween

There were all sorts of food from shrimp cocktails, to chili, Caesar Salad as well as other salads.  The barbeque was going full steam with hot dogs, hamburgers and some pork tenderloins that my Bride had marinated early in the morning, as we both had prior commitments during the day.  There was also a mixture of desserts and of course the birthday cake for all of the October honorees.  At one time, my Bride was sure that they were attempting to throw her a surprise birthday for her, as she was hitting a milestone, but this was not the case.

 Villa Nicola Sangiovese 1985

We had brought some of our staple wines, since we had bought so many cases of it for the year and we are still enjoying the purchases.  We brought some Sterling Chardonnay and some Sterling Meritage, which I had, wrote about before.  I was upstairs in full costume regalia slicing the tenderloin in the kitchen, when I got a request for a coffee filter.  So I had to forage around in a strange kitchen, but the filter was finally found, but there was no funnel.  One of the cousins had brought a bottle of wine and the cork had crumbled, so we were going to try to salvage the day with the coffee filter to remove the cork pieces from the wine.   The first glass of wine was brought up to me from the basement to taste the wine in question, and I had to announce sadly that the wine had seen better days and may have suffered from improper storage.  The cousin was thrilled to bring the wine as he thought that he had found a super bargain at a garage sale.  It was a wine that I remembered reading about, as it made a big splash here in the Detroit area.  Lee Iacocca the former President of the Chrysler Corporation had gone into the wine industry.  He produced two wines; one was a Brunello di Montalcino.  The other wine was what had been brought to the party.  It was a bottle of Villa Nicola Sangiovese 1985 bottled for Lee Iacocca.  I had never had the wine, and I guess I may never try it.  The cousin was a little sheepish about the wine being bad, and I told him that he had taken a gamble, but for the price that he had paid, it was an inexpensive lesson.  He confided to me, that he thought all wines just kept aging and that they would not go bad, as he likened the idea to whiskey that never goes bad in the bottle, and because he had read about old vintage wines that were still making headlines on occasion, because they had aged so well.  I tried to explain to him, that some wines are made with the concept of storage and that other wines are meant to be enjoyed within a year to fiver year window, and that some wines were not made for storage and aging at well.  He asked me how one could tell, and I said it was through study and reading that one could make a more educated guess on which wine is which.

 Murphy-Good Homefront Red 2011

Later that evening I also tried a California Red wine that someone else had brought to the party.  I knew the winery, but I had not heard of the wine, and the wine was produced to raise money for charity and that ninety-four percent of the total revenues were being donated to Veteran organizations, and I thought that was a very good cause.  The wine was Murphy-Goode Homefront Red 2011.  This was a blend of Syrah, Merlot, Petite Sirah and Zinfandel; it had a good taste, but I found it a bit sweeter then the red wines that I normally drink, but I am glad that I tried it.

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8 Responses to Birthdays and Halloween Combined

  1. Wild costumes! You would definitely scare my granddaughters!

  2. Love the costumes! And we also have a couple bottles of the Sterling Meritage stashed away. Nice reminder to open one of them….

    I love those garage or deep discount finds, may they work or not, but they are fun and educational….

    And let me guess, your bride made the Cesar Salad? 🙂

    • Oliver,
      Yes my Bride made the Caesar Salad, and the tenderloins. We had a whole car full of goods when we made the trip out there. Such is life, and then we had a car load of goods coming back with her gifts.

  3. Duff's Wines says:

    What a neat tradition. Having family and friends meet to celebrate various occasions together. Unfortunate that the ‘special’ wine was gonzo. That’s happened a bunch to me and I guess you just accept the reality of older wines. Sounds like you have a great family and bunch of friends. Very lucky indeed. The Halloween get up was awesome.

    • Thank you for stopping by. We have a very big family, so it is more convenient to have one good night of food and drinks. There is always the potential of having a bad bottle of wine periodically, so that does not phase me, as much as some people. Though when the party is not at our home, it is not as easy to walk down to the cellar to get a replacement bottle.

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