Rethinking About a Wine Vault

Sometimes I am a procrastinator.  Of course the reason for the procrastination is that I will have to redo the family room and I am sure it is due, as well as several other rooms in the house.  We received a wine vault from our family down and Louisville.  We actually had to rent a van to go down there, enjoy the weekend with good food and great wine, and then we drove the wine vault back home and put it into the family, until we could figure out exactly where we wanted it positioned; now you can perhaps understand the procrastination.

 Robert Young Chardonnay 2003

While we were in Arizona visiting a good friend, we had the chance to enjoy a couple of bottles of Chardonnay.  Her late husband had a wonderful wine collection that she moved from a suburb of Chicago to her present home, and she is not a big wine drinker.  I peered into the big wine vault that she maintains in her dining room and salivated over some of the great wines that were stored in it.  My Bride looked at the small built in wine vault in her kitchen and saw that there were some vintage Champagnes and some bottles of Chardonnay.  She selected one of the bottles of Chardonnay to open up, because if it was over the hill, our friend would not have to serve it at a party and perhaps be embarrassed by an old bottle of wine that had past its prime.

 Wine Vault

The wine we opened was a bottle of Robert Young Estate Winery Chardonnay 2003 from the Alexander Valley of California.  This particular winery was one of the first in the Alexander Valley to start cultivating wine; as they were originally wheat, then cattle, and then prunes farmers and in 1963 began the adventure of becoming wine makers.  They are a much respected winery and the Chardonnay wines that they produce are very well known and accepted for their fruit forward wines, and the extended aging and wine making procedures that they employ.  I mention this because a 2003 Chardonnay can be a very iffy bottle to open in 2013, but since it had been stored in the wine vault since moving out to Arizona, the wine was wonderful and had shown no signs of being past its prime.  In fact, the following night we enjoyed the other bottle of this wine that was still stored and it was just as vibrant as the bottle that we had the night before.  Hence, beyond the attributions of the quality of the winery, I feel that the wine vault aided in the storage of this wine, so I guess that I may have to redo the family room and decide to exact location for the wine vault and start using it, and not to just rely on our wine cellar, which thankfully has not had too many casualties yet.

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