I am not going to talk about the painted desert of Sedona, rather a restaurant by that name in the city of Las Vegas.  Our last night there, we had dinner with the entire family that resides out there, with no one missing out because of work.  We celebrated the upcoming birthdays and gave gifts to the ones that we had sent out parcels earlier this year, so that none of the grandchildren would feel slighted.  We also gave Halloween gifts to our grandchildren and we passed out all of the Christmas presents early as well, some with the caveat that the packages could not be opened early.  The grandchildren were also excited because we were all going to play Laser-tag afterwards.  It was a wonderful last night, though it was also sad knowing that it would be some time before we could see them again.

 Troublemaker NV

We started out by just ordering plates of appetizers to be brought out to the table and these included Sirloin Carpaccio, Tuna Ceviche, Crab Cakes, Lobster Roll, Cured Wings and Glazed Ribs.  Then everyone order their own entrée for the evening; my Bride ordered Striped Bass and I chose Braised Short Ribs and both were excellent though we really couldn’t share each other’s dishes as we were on opposite ends of a table of  eleven.  Our son and daughter-in-law ordered the “Sinatra” platter which was not even on the menu and the dish was a classic version of Surf and Turf, a filet and a lobster tail.  We ended the meal with a birthday cake; from a bakery another chef mentioned to me at an earlier location that we had visited.

 NV Sedona MB

While the grandchildren enjoyed soft drinks and some of the adults enjoyed cocktails we still went through two bottles of wine for the night.  I felt like trying a different wine that evening, that was listed as a “Red Blend” and I also “googled” it as I wanted to see what it was.  The wine was made by Hope Family Wines of Paso Robles, California which is a wine area that we enjoy and have visited.  The Hope Family Wines also include Liberty School, Austin Hope, Treana and Candor wine groups.  The wine was named Troublemaker Blend 6 NV, which does not tell you much and neither did the back label.  The wine is a blend of Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre, Petite Syrah and Zinfandel varietals.  I must commend the winemaker as it was a smooth blend and I really enjoyed the wine through out the evening while at Sedona.  My Bride was just as pleased as I was, as well, and thought that she should mention that I take note of the wine, so that we could look for it, when we got home.  I chuckled and assured her that I had taken a photograph of it, for a future story, which I am relating at this time.  I do sometimes think that she forgets that I write this blog, though she reads every article, sometimes chiding me, and sometimes correcting my syntax or my memory.  What would I do with out her?  That is why she is still my Bride.

Troublemaker NV BL

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