View Wine Bar & Kitchen

We were taking a leisurely stroll shopping and we were working up a thirst.  Up on the second floor above a restaurant was a floor of little boutiques and a wine bar.  We had stumbled onto View Wine Bar & Kitchen.

 Line39 Chardonnay 2011

We just wanted to have a quick bite as we were meeting the family later for a big barbeque, so we had a quick bite.  My Bride had a Butternut Squash soup with a piece of breaded fried banana.  I went a little heartier and had Lobster Mac and Cheese.  These were just enough to stave our hunger until later on that day for dinner.

 Stratton Lummis The Riddler

My Bride had a glass of Line 39 Chardonnay 2011, which is made by the Cecchetti Wine Company, and this wine was from grapes harvested in the Central Coast.  This Chardonnay was very pleasant, and the bar man had suggested this, if we liked creamy and oakey wines, but we did not find this to be overly buttery or oakey, but we would order it again.

 Stratton Lummis The Riddler BL

The wine I chose was Stratton Lummis “The Riddler” Lot Three NV from the Napa Valley.  This was a blended red wine, but certainly not a Meritage, but it was a very smooth and enjoyable wine.  It was a blend of Petite Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Tempranillo Charbono, Zinfandel and Petit Verdot.  A veritable Heinz 57 of wines, but the wine master did a fine job of blending these different varietals into a harmonious blend.

Just a perfect way to relax, before going out with the children and the grandchildren for a barbeque.

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