Some Memories Surrounding 911

As tragic as 911 is to the psyche of America, I can relate memories that are more enjoyable one year before and one year later.

 Manhattan 2000

Almost a year to the date, my Bride and I were in Manhattan for a holiday and we were painting the town red.  We saw a couple of great theatrical productions “The Best Man” and “The Lion King.”  We also dined at Daniel, Jean Georges, The 21 Club, Sardi’s and even The Carnegie Deli.  We also had the chance to be tourists, which is some what difficult to do when one is there on business.  We took a tour of Ellis Island and went to see the Grand Lady of the Harbor, The Statue of Liberty.  I am looking at a photograph that my Bride took, and there are the Twin Towers standing majestically in the background.  I also think of a restaurant, that my Bride had gone to for dinner, that I alas never got around to going to, and now I shall never have that chance.  The famous restaurant Windows on the World, which was located on the 106’Th and 107’Th floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan.

 NY Windows On The World MB

The year after the tragic date, my Bride and I were all packed and ready to go to Carmel-by-the-Sea for a week of wining, dining and luckily even some dancing as well.  On September 11, we got a call that my daughter was in the hospital ready to give birth to her first child.  We got there with all of the commotion that surrounds the birth of a child.  It was almost midnight and her physician looked at me, and said I have no idea why the baby has not been born yet, as she is fully dilated.  I looked at my watch, and chuckled to my self, and told the doctor, this will all be remedied in about fifteen minutes and he looked at me puzzled, as if I had some strange super power that I was not sharing with him. I walked back into the room that my daughter was in and after a few minutes I informed her that it was past midnight and it was now the Twelfth of September, and that she could have the baby.  She looked at me, and asked me if I was sure, and I confirmed it, and in a few minutes they were wheeling the Mother-to-be off to the delivery room.  I continued to chuckle to my self, because I knew that my daughter did not want the child to be born on that infamous date, as she felt it would be bad luck.  After my grandson was born, and I made sure that all were healthy and with no complications, I kissed the two of them good bye for the moment and told her we would be back after our week away, and that we had to be at the airport that morning around 4:30.

The day itself has no happy thoughts for me, but I can smile about great memories that preceded and that have since followed that day.  I do beg the reader’s indulgence that wine is only peripheral to the article, but I have wrote about both trips and the wines involved if one does a little searching on this site.  Salud.

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3 Responses to Some Memories Surrounding 911

  1. Thanks for sharing those two memories, John!

  2. That is a great story about your grandson’s birth–humorous and sad at the same time. Having experienced my wife giving birth to both my son’s, though, I have no idea how your daughter was able to hold it off–she must be one very strong willed woman!

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