A Busy Day

I was under the weather for about a week with a nasty bug, which really curtailed my passion for friends, food and drink.  Some time I wonder, with all the medicine (wine) and garlic in my diet, how does a germ get through?  Needless to say, it happens on occasion and I missed out on a couple of good times.  My Bride though was a trouper and she handled the day with her usual brio, so this is a second hand report.

 Mionetto Il Prosecco NV

First off, she went to visit her cousin and celebrated her birthday with her husband, and they had a quiet lunch with a spread of cold cuts and good conversation.  Some of my Bride’s first cousins may as well be her sisters, as she has such a good bond with them.  She knows that her cousin enjoys a slightly sweeter wine, then we usually drink, but she obliged none the less, and picked up a bottle of Mionetto “Il” Prosecco from the Veneto region of Italy.  This wine is billed as “ “The” Gentle-Sparkling Wine”” and it is made in the Charmat Method, also known as “cuve close” which is where secondary fermentation rather than in the individual bottle is done in large pressure sealed stainless steel containers and then after fermentation is poured into the individual bottles.  While not as nuanced as classic bottle of Champagne, one gets a very pleasant glass of sparkling wine, without the loss of bottles and wine that is common in the Champagne region of France.  The closure on the bottle is also different, it is neither cork, plastic or screw cap, but like an old fashioned beer or soda pop bottle cap, with a D.O.C. banderole attached from the bottle to the cap.   Another unique aspect about this wine is that it is made of a grape varietal Glera, which if you are going after the Century Club designation, this is another grape variety to add to your list.

 MI Lathrup Village Glass

After the birthday get-together she drove over to one of her friends and picked her up to go to the City of Lathrup Village for their Sixtieth Anniversary.  The city was celebrating with a pig roast, hula dancers and a fire dancer with a theme of a luau.  Afterwards they had a dance band performing and I did get a couple of calls about what a wonderful event that I was missing, as well as the dancing that I could have been enjoying.  Alas she did not take pictures of the wine, as she said that she was drinking Woodbridge Chardonnay, which is part of the Mondavi family of wines of California.  She felt that it wasn’t necessary, and I guess everybody is an editor at times, especially when they do not have to do the writing, just the enjoying of the event.  All in all, she had a great day, while I was in recuperation mode, and she would not been able to enjoy the day as much with an ailing spouse, so I do thank her, for having a grand time.

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2 Responses to A Busy Day

  1. Okay–I’m reading happily along, (but obviously too fast) because I pick up…. “my bride went of to visit… and celebrate with her husband.” Wait–if she’s your bride, aren’t YOU her husband. Re-read… oh, okay, with her COUSIN and her cousin’s husband. Sorry you missed the good times and had to write about them second hand.

    • Tracy,
      That is funny and I have done the same thing, in fact I read my articles three different times, before I post them, for fear of a mis-hap like that. I am sure that my Bride thinks one husband can be more then enough at some points. Thank you for stopping by.
      – John

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