Another Planning Meeting for my Reunion

Periodically I bring you up to date on the plans for my open year Junior High School Reunion and we just had the last planning meeting, as it is one week away, actually by the time you read this the Reunion will have taken place and I can relax from the duties of Chairman of the Committee.  We met at an Italian restaurant not far from the venue where the Reunion will take place, and yes there will be an article about the Reunion as there were wines selected for the occasion.  I called for the meeting at a restaurant that I have gone to a couple of times before, Baldo’s in Brownstown, Michigan.

 Sartori Valpolicella 2007

Everyone ordered the dishes that they were comfortable with, and several of the members were even ordering additional orders of food to take home to spouses that were not in attendance.   They gave us a nice table in the back, so that we could conduct the meeting while I was enjoying a plate of home made Gnocchi with a meat sauce.  This is a dish when made properly is a great plate of pasta, and when it is not, or is a frozen prepared pasta can be very heavy and unappetizing, suffice it to say that this was not the case, and I was happy with my selection, as I have been every time I have ventured to this restaurant.

 MI Baldo's Menu

I also had a bottle of Valpolicella wine with my meal.  It was a bottle of Sartori Valpolicella Classico Superiore 2007, from the Montegradella vineyard.  The Classico in the name means that it is from the classified section near Verona to be entitled to be called Valpolicella, and the Superiore designation refers to the fact that it has been aged for at least a year and the alcohol proof must be 12%.  This Valpolicella wine is made from the following varietals; Corvina Veronese, Corvinone, Rondinella and Croatina.  It was a very smooth wine and complimented my meat sauce; in fact I would say that it would be a good choice for almost any red meat dish that one could pair it with, as I was very happy with the selection.

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