The Enjoyment of “Splits”

One of the best laws that came down the pike in Michigan was the allowing of one to take an unfinished bottle of wine home from a dinner at a restaurant.  I am sure that there have been plenty of times when diners may have over indulged in the pleasures of wine in the old days, by having to finish that bottle, since they had paid for it, and did not want to waste the money.  I mean one can take the uneaten portion of your dinner, if that happens, and now one can the unfinished wine home as well.  Bravo.

 Sonoma-Cutrer Chardonnay Russian River Ranches 2011

All this is leading up to a night when my Bride came home from having a dinner with one of her friends, and the friend is not a drinker per se.  My wife scanned the list of available wines that were being poured by the glass, and then she looked at the wine carte as well.  She saw that the restaurant carried a few splits or half bottles of wine.  So she ordered one of the splits that were being offered.  In the past, we have ordered sometimes two or three splits during a dinner to pair with different courses if we were really into a fine dining experience.  Now a lot of restaurants have circumvented the necessity of offering splits, because the equipment that is now out there, can maintain the quality of an opened bottle of wine, much better then was possible years ago.  That is one reason that there seems to be in some venues such a wide range of wines by the glass, though more expensive if you interpolate the price of a glass to the number of pours from a wine bottle from a fresh bottle.  I am also a bit old fashioned and I guess I do like the idea of a freshly opened bottle of wine, especially in a finer establishment, though there are often times, due to today’s more hectic lifestyle and time necessities that a glass of wine with an entrée works just as well.  Nowadays I may ask the server to bring me the bottle so that I may photograph it, just for an article that I may write.

 More splits

We even maintain a small collection of splits in our own cellar, for the moments when we are dining in, and feel that a glass of wine each is just perfect for the meal that my Bride has created.  That is the one of the best reasons for maintaining a cellar, and this is an article that I actually get to thank the legislature for a law that actually makes sense.

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