Sauce Bolognese and an Awesome Brunello

I like most people have an affinity for Italian cuisine, and I am very partial to a classic Bolognese Sauce as opposed to a Marinara Sauce.  I think that I make a very good sauce, if I may be so boastful, but then both my daughter and my Bride also concur.  In fact, my Bride will belabor the point to other couples, in the hopes that she can cajole me into making another pot full for company and then for leftovers  and she will even freeze some bags of it as well, for an emergency or quick meal.  So you can say that I am honored by her requests, though I do try to hide it.

 Brunello di Montalcino Loreto Mastrojani 1991

When our friends came over for dinner, we were aware that the lady required a gluten-free diet.  So we started out with a couple of gluten-free chips and crackers, along with some guacamole, and assorted cheeses.  Our dinner began with my Bride’s famous Caesar Salad, and we skipped the croutons.  Then the Sauce Bolognese that I had started about five hours earlier, while my Bride chided me about all of the different dishes I used because of all my prep work, while I was making the sauce, and we also made some gluten-free pasta, as well as some spaghetti squash.  We finished our dinner with Bananas Foster, and the good news is that the smoke alarms did not activate during the flambé sequence.

 Brunello di Montalcino Loreto Mastrojani 1991 cork

We had started with a Chardonnay, but it is the red wine that I grabbed from the cellar that I want to discuss.  Just before our guests arrived I went to choose a wine for the dinner.  I found a Brunello di Montalcino ‘Loreto’ 1991 by Mastrojanni and I also looked at a second wine, just in case, that I had kept this wine too long.   I removed the foil capsule and everything looked good, and then I used my best corkscrew, which always seems to get a good bite on the cork.  The cork once removed was sound and had no bad odors, so far so good.   I poured just a tasting amount in my wine glass, on a side table and I was amazed at how rich the color still was, as there was no lightening or brownish tinge to be seen.  Since this wine is made from the Brunello (Little Brown One) grape it has since been proven to actually be the Sangiovese varietal that is famous for the Tuscan region where this wine hails from.  When I took the first taste, I was amazed at how smooth this wine had matured; the tannins had mellowed out so gracefully that I even had to share that first taste with my Bride.  I was going to decant the wine, but our company arrived, so I just let it breathe on the side table, away from all the other activities.  When it came to pour the wine along with our entrée, it was just awesome and I am sorry that I did not have another bottle of this wine left in my cellar.  I am not sure that our guests were as amazed by the wine as my Bride and I were, but I am still admiring its quality mentally.

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