Sibley Gardens in Trenton, Michigan

This was one of my Uncle’s favorite restaurants and he held court there at least a couple times of week, either for lunch or dinner and sometimes the lunches might morph into dinner as well.  He enjoyed restaurants that always offered a side plate of pasta with an entrée.  Sibley Gardens is one of the classic Italian Steakhouses from the old school.

 MacMurray Ranch Pinot Noir Russian River 2010

We were invited to help celebrate a former co-worker of my Bride’s birthday, and her husband invited about twenty people for the occasion.  We had a room off to the side, to allow us a bit more privacy and to be by ourselves.  Our host ordered appetizers for the tables to get the meal started and everyone enjoyed breaded mushrooms, zucchini sticks and Bruschetta.  The waitress brought out menus for all of the guests to decide on their meal.  My Bride zeroed in on Seared Ahi Tuna with Wasabi Sauce, and I had to question the order, as this is a rather unique dish in an Italian restaurant, but it was prepared perfectly and she was in “Seventh Heaven.”  Myself I decided to go with one of their strengths and featured entrée plate of “Sammy’s Special Steak” which was a simple preparation of filets done in olive oil, wine, garlic and parsley, and they came out tender and delicious, so I was happy as well.  I also followed in my late Uncle’s choice and had a side order of pasta with a meat sauce that was very enjoyable.  For dessert we all had an ample slice of a spice cake that was made up as a Birthday Cake for the Guest of Honor, after we sang Happy Birthday first in French, on cards written out phonetically and then in English.

 MI Sibley Gardens BC

My Bride was enjoying a Chardonnay wine, but I missed finding out what brand she was drinking, as we were all having a good time, and I was remiss in my “Raconteur” duties.  The wine I was enjoying was a Mac Murray Ranch Pinot Noir 2010 from the Russian River Valley of Sonoma County in California.  I was surprised to find out; as I read the back label that the ranch was purchased and farmed by the late actor Fred Mac Murray, known for both movies and television.  This may have been one of the first celebrity ventures in the Wine Industry, though I cannot state for sure, as it started out as a cattle ranch and now his daughter who is still affiliated with the property has developed it into a vineyard.  I found the wine to be excellent, as I have found most Pinot Noir wines from this area to be very good.

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