Saturday Aboard the “Titanic”at the Grand Hotel

We woke up Saturday morning with the anticipation of a lot to do aboard the “Titanic.”  After dressing up in period attire we went to the Salle a Manger for our breakfast.  We were offered a choice of either the Breakfast Buffet or by the menu, and we opted for the food off of the carte.  We tend to prefer our eggs made to order, rather than in a big chafing dish, but that is minor to most people.  We also started the day off with Mimosas, and I must say they were the largest Mimosas that we have ever been served.  The Mimosa were also made from the Grand Hotel Blanc de Noir Brut Sparkling Wine that we enjoyed the night before that was produced by L. Mawby Vineyards of Suttons Bay, Michigan.  What a grand way to start off the day, that and some fresh brewed coffee.

 Grand Hotel Blanc de Noir Brut NV on ice

There were two lectures in the morning about the Titanic, one from a gentleman that was part of the dive team that entered the remains of this famed ship and he gave his observations and notes on the newest concepts of what caused the ship to sink, and he also explained why the ice berg was actually difficult to see at sea.  The other lecture was on the actual building and designs of the ship with period photographs of the many stages required to build this ship and its sister ship.  Both of the lectures were very informative for the lay person and easy to understand.  There were also some fun pictures showing the Titanic at Mackinac Island and comparing the ship to the Grand Hotel in physical size.

 GH Titanic Replicas

There was a pause in the day to allow the guests to have lunch, if they so desired.  We were still well sated from our breakfast that we wandered around and explored the hotel, admiring the art work and exhibits that are part of the lore of the Grand Hotel.

 GH Second Day at Mail Box

The afternoon consisted of another couple of “lectures.”  The first was performed by one of the cast members of the touring group on etiquette from the time period.  My Bride found it to be in good jest, and I found it rather demeaning and condescending.  I was very uncomfortable with the session, and had no desire to volunteer to be the foil for this pompous woman.  Afterwards there was a dance lesson, taught by two of the “dancers” we observed the night before.  I had said that they were professionals and I guess I was vindicated by their appearance as teachers.  They taught two beginner steps of the “Fox Trot” which was a popular dance at the time.

 GH Some people at a lecture

The Grand Hotel also had prepared for those interested to watch the Kentucky Derby, by having the race shown in three different rooms, but it was during the beginning of the evening program, but the Audubon Wine Bar, was thankfully right around the corner from the reception room before our evening dinner.

MI Audubon Bar MB

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