Proof on Main in Louisville, Kentucky

This is a very different restaurant in Louisville, as it does not have the charm of the old South, as it feels much more like you should be in Manhattan.  It is one of the few places that I know where you have to make sure that you use the restrooms as they are a piece of art in themselves, and one may actually linger in that area, because you cannot believe what you are experiencing and will check it out, on both sides of the mirrors.  Not erotic, but one feels as if they are part of the art on display, and you have to see it, to totally understand what I am talking about.  It is the restaurant for the 21c Museum Hotel and it offers all three meals a day, as well as a wonderful collection of cocktails and of course a great collection of Bourbons.  From what I gathered the art on exhibit in the restaurant is constantly changing, as well as the galleries that you can wander in from the hotel itself.  It is very chi-chi, as the saying goes.

 Saint-Aubin 1erCru En Remilly 1994

We started off with my Bride enjoying some chilled asparagus soup, while I tried the Kentucky Bison Tartare, as a side note one of the most popular dishes at the restaurant is their Kentucky Bison Burger, but we were going there more a dinner that a quick bite in the bar.  They had a different salad, while I am not a salad fan per se; I enjoyed which was Braised Farm Greens with Country Bacon and Bourbon Miso.  My Bride had an entrée of Striped Bass with Spoonfish Caviar while I tried the entrée of Angus Short Ribs with Foie Gras Butter.  After dinner we shared an assortment of house made Sorbet.

 KY Proof MB

We had a wonderful bottle of Burgundy from a lesser known area Saint-Aubin, which is west of the Montrachet vineyards in the Cote de Beaune district.  There are both red and white wines produced from this area utilizing mainly Pinot Noir or Chardonnay varietals.  In the Commune of Saint-Aubin there are twenty climates that are listed as Premier Cru vineyards.  We had a bottle of Saint-Aubin “En Remilly” 1994; “En Remilly” is one of the twenty.  This was a very seductive red with a 13% alcohol rating, when the legal requirement for a Premier Cru is 11%.

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2 Responses to Proof on Main in Louisville, Kentucky

  1. Chilled asparagus soup sounds fabulous! How did you like the Bison Tartare?

    • The Bison Tartare was a slightly different dish then I was expecting. The meat was delicious with a slightly sweeter taste but good texture. I may be spoiled from a couple of great Beef Carpaccio dishes that I tend to order when I get a chance right here in town. As for the soup, my Bride loves to try dishes of this nature, as it is “her cup of soup.”
      – John

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