The English Grill at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky

As I am remembering another great meal in Louisville, it was at another grand hotel of that city, the Brown Hotel which opened up in 1923 and it is another beautiful hotel.  The hotel is beautiful from the exterior façade as well as the opulent two story main floor with the hand painted ceilings.  It is truly worth the visit, as I recall it, from another visit with our relatives in Louisville, when we went there for dinner.

 Ch Margaux 1976

That evening we dined at the English Grill which is a very prominent restaurant in the downtown setting of the hotel.  The restaurant has been selected as the best in Louisville at least eighty times in its history and they are very pleased to tell you that fact, in a matter of fact style, as opposed to being pompous about it.  Everything about the restaurant is under stated, yet very regal in a classic sense.  The food was delicious and a joy to remember.  My Bride had Seared Scallops with Cumin infused Braised Pork Belly with a Carrot, Apple and Ginger reduction sauce, while I had a Duck Confit with Frisee Lettuce and Bourbon Marinated Dried Cherries and that was just for starters.  My Bride enjoyed Seared Florida Grouper with a Saffron-Lobster Bordelaise while I went for my comfort food with Braised Short Ribs with a Red Wine and Veal reduction sauce.  There are certain dishes that when I see them, take my first choice even at the expense sometimes of trying something novel and exciting.  The same can be said of my Bride, as even though she knows that we will be drinking Claret, she will still order a meaty fish dinner for her entrée, tradition be damned for her, and she is happy.

That evening my Brother-in-Law brought a bottle of wine from his cellar, which he wanted to try, and since the restaurant did not have the particular wine on their list they obliged.  We had another Chateau Margaux from the Commune of Margaux, this time Chateau Margaux 1976.  As I have stated this is one of his favorite wines, and it has been one of ours as well.  There are so many superlatives for this great wine that I feel that it is not necessary to dwell on them.  One of my favorite stories that I like to relate about Chateau Margaux, and I cannot vouch for it, but it is a legend that is oft repeated, is about the model and actress Margaux Hemmingway.  It is said that she received her name, after her parents enjoyed a magnum of Chateau Margaux and she was conceived that evening.  Whether it is true or not, it makes a great story to relate when drinking this fine wine.

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2 Responses to The English Grill at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky

  1. Great read, exceptional bottle!

    • Thank you for taking the time to read and to comment. It is truly a great bottle of wine, I only wish the labels would come off better then they do nowadays. I have had the good fortune to enjoy several vintages of this great house including the 1961, and I have wrote about a couple of them as well.
      – John

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