Hyatt Regency in Dearborn, Michigan

In 1976 Dearborn heralded a new image for the city; developers on Ford Motor Company land built a Hyatt Regency Hotel which changed the landscape of the city.  On this same property was a new major shopping center called Fairlane and it also changed the landscape of the city.  When all of this opened up, there was even a monorail that joined the hotel to the mall, but I think it only lasted a year or two before the monorail was torn down and removed.

When it first opened up, there was a restaurant on the top of the hotel that slowly rotated and allowed diners a magnificent aerial view of the area.  They also had live entertainment with celebrities that performed shows, and it was a lively venue when it first opened up.  I also remember going there for conferences and seminars, as well as charity events and balls.

I also used it once to celebrate my daughter’s first communion.  We had a separate area in the restaurant Giulio & Sons.  We took advantage of a major Sunday brunch that they had at the time.  It was one of the first restaurants in the area that I recall that had separate areas set up for different food offerings.  It was not just one long buffet line, and I do remember that all of the children were just having a wonderful time at all of the different stations.  As I look back, they may have had more fun, than I remember having at the fancy restaurant up on the top floor.  Though I do remember taking my son with us for dinner when he was about two, and all the wait staff marveling at how well behaved he was in that environment.  I may not remember much about that meal, other than the fact that my son had a “Bird’s Nest Salad” where it was presented looking like a nest, and it included quail eggs, and he was enraptured by it.

 Hyatt Hotels Champagne NV

Through the years we enjoyed many different drinks and wines, but for my daughter’s brunch we celebrated with Hyatt Hotels California Extra Dry Champagne, which was produced and bottled by Almaden Vineyards in Los Gatos, California.  This was the perfect choice of wine for a party of some thirty guests and it really made a very nice Mimosa for those that wanted to temper their drinking that early in the day.

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