Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort

There has been a growth of casinos in the state of Michigan as well as in all of the other states, and they have become attractions for conferences and board meetings and other business events.  They are attractive because they can furnish hotel rooms, conference rooms and meals and they have really started to cater to this type of business.  The restaurants and catering facilities keep improving, not only for the business groups, but for the people that want to get away and hope that Lady Luck will smile upon them at the casinos as well.  They may not have the allure of Las Vegas or Atlantic City but they are getting more popular each year.

MI Soaring Eagle Casino MB

One such venue is the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.  My Bride has had a couple of board meetings that she has attended there.  During the day of business they will have breakfast and lunch brought into the meeting room to make the sessions as efficient as possible.  They do a fine job keeping everyone happy with a buffet setting for both the breakfast and the lunch servings.

KJ Chardonnay 2003

For the dinner in the evening, the members meet usually in a private dining room or sometimes off to the side of the restaurant.  The menu is usually selected by a committee ahead of time with a choice of a steak, a fish dish and chicken dish along with appetizers, salads and a choice of desserts.

Louis Latour Pinot Noir Burgundy

The wines at one of the board meetings offered were a red and a white wine to pair with the menu that had been selected.  One evening the choices were a Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay 2003 which is always popular and works well with fowl or fish.  I have discussed the merits and popularity of this wine on a couple of occasions.  The other choice that evening was a Pinot Noir from the Louis Latour.  Pinot Noir wines were just becoming the fad wine at the time and this was a wine that had the Appellation of Burgundy from France.  While it is the base Appellation for the region, it has the provenance of the great region that has made the Pinot Noir varietal famous.  I would opine to say that it is marketing that decided to label the wine Pinot Noir instead of Burgundy.  Either way the wine is labeled it is a good bottle of wine to offer what the grape can offer from France, but it is a distant cousin to the really great wines from Burgundy.

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