Another Trip to the Wizard

This has been a week for OZ, not only did we see the cinematic prequel to the original film, but we just went and saw a theatrical presentation of The Wizard of Oz.   We were made aware of this production because of one of the contact people that my Bride associates with in a professional capacity; had two of her children, and then her husband also volunteered to join into the high school production of this famous story.  The play features the songs that are known by anyone who has ever seen the movie, as well as one song that was cut from the cinematic masterpiece.  The unique aspect of seeing this as a play is that you can see the importance of the other cast members, who were secondary to Dorothy in the classic film.  I must also admit that three members of this cast vied for the attention of the audience, by their scene stealing and fun performances of the Wicked Witch, the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow.

MI The Wizard of Oz PB


The production of this play was out in Fowlerville, which is about a forty-five minute drive from our home, and we gave ourselves more than ample time for the trip.  The school campus was huge and very modern, and I notice that a junior high was also on the grounds of the high school.  The performing arts theater was very impressive both in the layout of the seating for the audience as well as the ample size of the stage, which allows them to the capabilities of hosting a play that requires many backdrops and large props for a play, as well as having a nice orchestra pit as part of the stage.

MI Grille in the Ville Exterior


Since we arrived early we went to the center of the community and found a delightful little restaurant called Grille in the Ville.  The restaurant was very busy; this could have been from the special St. Patrick’s Day special menu options of from families that were going to see the production, like we were.   While the restaurant was not large, it was laid out to utilize the space as well as possible, and we ended up in a booth across from the semi-open kitchen area.  I looked at the standard menu, as well as the specials of the day and realized that this restaurant was not a diner or a family restaurant, though it did suffice for both.  Besides entrée plates that would be expected, they also offered freshly prepared turkey, Steak Diane and a Salmon with Lobster Crème Sauce.  My Bride decided to try one of the special offerings of Corned Beef and Cabbage in wonton roll-ups, while I decided to try the Steak Diane, which was very well prepared, though I thought that the Sherry sauce could have had a bit more of the Sherry for flavoring, but that is minor complaint.  For the special day, they also had a Guinness cake with Bailey’s frosting for dessert.

Menage a Trois 2011


When we asked for some wine, we were first asked if we wanted a red or a white wine, but upon further questioning, we discovered that beyond the house wines, they did carry some additional selections.  We ended up with a popular wine made by the Folie a Deux Winery of Sonoma, the Ménage a Trois 2011.  This is a blended wine principally made of Zinfandel, with some Cabernet Sauvignon as well as some Merlot.  We have had this wine on other occasions and have found it to be a good dependable wine, and it added to the enjoyment of this restaurant.

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1 Response to Another Trip to the Wizard

  1. Judy says:

    Fun evening. The real scene-stealer was the littlest munchkin and flying monkey. His trepidation as a munchkin lent itself to a great performance and his high energy made his little flying monkey performance adorably believable. Even his growl as he flew past the window was precious. The entire cast did a superb presentation. We spent a very enjoyable evening in Fowlerville!
    …John’s Bride

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