Wine, Sipping Bourbon and Cigars

Where ever I go, I can always find ways to amuse myself.  My Bride and her girlfriend were going out shopping and I was left to fend for myself in this shopping plaza.  It was the trifecta for me.  This retail shop had wines, liquor and cigars, but what was really exciting was that it was also a lounge.  This shop did not fit the usual criteria for a plaza shop, it was upscale.


AZ Magnums MB

I was able to buy some of my favorite “intermission” cigars for my stay.  The humidor was filled with all types of cigars that caught my fancy.  The wine selection was superb; I was like a kid in a candy store, as I picked out some wines to take to our host’s home.  There were some very interesting items, some beyond my means, but that is always the case, when my eyes are bigger than my wallet.  I was also informed that I could go into the lounge and enjoy my cigar and that I could also enjoy my bottle of wine for a five dollar corkage fee.  I declined, but decided that after I made my purchases that I should check out the lounge as well, since the ladies were still shopping.



The lounge was not only for cigars, which is unique in these days and a very reasonable corkage fee, but they had an excellent selection of single malt scotch whiskeys, single barrel sipping bourbons and a very fine selection of exotic tequilas.  Since I had a few moments more to relax and enjoy my cigar, I decided that a brandy snifter of Booker’s Bourbon was in order.  The good thing is that the ladies took a while shopping, so I did not have to rush, and that is good when one is on holidays.

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2 Responses to Wine, Sipping Bourbon and Cigars

  1. Would have been my Trifecta too! Lucky you. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, bourbon in a lounge. Definitely always a treat!

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