An Art Fair and Portofino in Wyandotte, Michigan

My Bride and I like to attend some of the art fairs that are very popular around the state and seem to be always held on the hottest days of the year, when we attend.  It also seems that we are always going right after work, so we always have business attire, which makes attending these shows even warmer.

MI Portofino MB


One of the art fairs we do like attending is the one in the city of Wyandotte, and it is also one of the largest of this genre.  After walking around the many blocks of the show and looking at the different types of art and crafts, we work up an appetite and a thirst.  Since these shows are held in the summer, with the extra heat, our thirst increases.



Most of the time, these fairs are so dense with people, that we look for better venues for dining, as some of the restaurants have lines of people standing outside.  We walked a little farther away from the crowds and decided to have dinner at Portofino, which is right on the water, in fact they have docking facilities for boaters, which guarantees them more action (one would presume, and here it was most prevalent).  The restaurant also has very large areas of glass to look out onto the Detroit River, which is very pleasant to have as a background during dinner.   We both ordered some fresh water fish dishes, which this restaurant prides itself on, and we were not disappointed.

Yalumba Viognier S Australia 2005


Since this was such a warm day and evening, and we were ordering fresh fish, we enjoyed a bottle of Viognier wine.  We have always found this type of wine to be refreshing in the summer months and enjoy the floral nose that this varietal always seems to deliver.  This particular evening we had a Viognier from South Australia made by Yalumba Winery.  They proudly proclaim that that are Australia’s oldest family owned winery.  The afternoon and evening was a day of enjoyment, further enhanced by our choice of wine that day.

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