A Pleasant Surprise

We were celebrating our monthly birthdays, and the venue this time was not at our house.  My Bride though, was doing the catering.  We loaded up our car with the assorted dishes and a birthday cake that she had prepared, as well as some wine and beer for the guests.


When we arrived at our destination, we started unloading the car and my Bride commandeered the kitchen to finish preparing the food for the party.  I was getting the wines ready to open, when my Brother-in-law, who’s house we were at, suggested that we drink some of his “swill.”  He then proceeded to go into the dining room and grab a bottle from a rack.  He proceeded to then rinse the bottle and clean it of its patina of dust.  He said I don’t know if it is still good, and I told him, there is only one way to find out.


The bottle was a magnum of Woodbridge Cabernet Sauvignon 1999.  The Woodbridge line is a very good set of blended wines under the Robert Mondavi umbrella of wines.  I was so impressed with the Woodbridge line, that when my Bride and I got married, we served an assortment of different varietals from this group at our reception.  Though, I knew the pedigree of the wine, I was not sure that a thirteen year old bottle that was stored in a dining room was going to be palatable, as this was not an ideal place to store wine.

Woodbridge Cabernet Sauvignon 1999


We proceeded to open up the bottle, and the cork came out in one piece, which was a good omen, as I was afraid that it may crumble from lack of proper storage.  When I opened the bottle, I poured some into a glass to see, if we could serve it.  The color was still amazingly dark as one would expect a Cabernet Sauvignon to be, if it had been younger.  The initial nose was a bit “dusty” from being bottled up, but as I swirled it in the glass, the nose began to open up and it had a positive aroma.  The final test, was the taste, and as I “chewed” the wine, I was happy to report that the wine was indeed, very drinkable.  The guests that wanted some wine were very happy with the results.  Just goes to show you, that you can never presume or pre-judge a bottle of wine, no matter the age or the ranking of the wine.  This was a very good showing, I felt for the popular priced line from the Mondavi family.

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2 Responses to A Pleasant Surprise

  1. When you least expect it. Thanks for sharing.

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