Water Club

This was more of a neighborhood restaurant with fancy touches; it is a shame that they suffered the same fate as so many other restaurants do.  John Cleveland’s Water Club had a nice selection of fresh fish and several choices of meat.  They were not all over the board trying to be something for everyone.

MI Water Club MB


I guess the biggest problem they may have had, was trying to decide if they were going to be an upscale or more of a neighborhood favorite.  While all of the dishes were very well prepared and presented, there was a marked swing in the price of some of the dishes, which in the end may have caused confusion for their clientele.



Over the course of a year, we dined there several times, enjoying some very good fish and seafood dishes.  The dishes were not “knock-outs,” but good quality plates of food.  There were no memorable dishes, though there was never a dish or service that caused us to stop going there.  One day we drove over there and the lights were off.

Woodbridge Chardonnay 1999


I think the problem we had, was that the wine selection was not well thought out.  There were no stars, just workman like selections that were popular retail wine choices.  When we go out, we do like to try a new wine, and it was where we could not experiment.  We would usually get a bottle of say a Woodbridge Chardonnay 1999 by the Robert Mondavi family of wines.  This is a workhorse of wine, which can be found in most retail establishments.  While a very safe and dependable wine coming from an established corporation, it really was not what we hoped for when dining out.  When it is the best wine in its classification, then that is what you order.

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