Maison & Jardin, Altamonte Springs, Forida

We spent a week in Florida once, being nomadic going from one hotel to another.  We started in Orlando and we had a wonderful meal and wine in a suburb of Orlando Altamonte Springs and the restaurant was named Maison & Jardin.  We met a friend of ours and planned on having a great night out.  I found this restaurant in the Wine Spectator Magazine during their dining issue and they had an ad, that stated they had the largest wine selection of wines in central Florida.   What a reason for trying it out.  They were so wine oriented that even the match book had a vintage chart printed inside of the book.  At the time I also found out that they were the “power” restaurant for the Orlando area.

FL Maison & Jardin Vintage Chart MB



When we arrived we were seated in the “wine cellar” room of the restaurant.  We had a great waiter who informed us immediately that our dinner was to be enjoyed and not rushed.  We had selected our dinner for the evening and the wine as well.  We enjoyed our first two courses, and the waiter suggested that we now take a tour of the gardens before the total evening settled in.  So we went and walked around the grounds, which I think made the evening that much more enjoyable.   There were paths and a wooden bridge and just a beautiful setting.  When we returned our entrée plates were brought out, and what a dinner it was.  The restaurant was known for their Beef Wellington in a classic presentation, and how could I resist such a great dish.  My Bride and our friend both enjoyed fish dinners.  Then we settled on a couple of desserts so that we could all share in the evening’s dinner even more.

FL Maison & Jardin MB


For the wine I opted for a Chateau Fonroque 1976, a Saint-Emilion Grand Cru wine, which I knew would pair exquisitely with the Beef Wellington, and since the ladies were having “meaty fish” I did not feel that they would be served an injustice.  Especially since I mentioned often that my Bride enjoys a red wine with a firm fish dinner, and if you haven’t tried a red wine with says a salmon, or a shark filet, you should try it; I don’t think that you will be disappointed.

Ch Fonroque Saint-Emilion Grand Cru 1976

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3 Responses to Maison & Jardin, Altamonte Springs, Forida

  1. Oh, how I love beef Wellington. I made it myself (with friends) twice: in 2000 and sometime in 2005. Both times it was magical…

    • Oliver,
      You never cease to amaze me. I seldom order this dish, because most restaurants tend to find a “quick” way to make this, instead of the classic presentation. It is magical when it is prepared properly.
      – John

      • I have never ordered it in a restaurant…I guess that is where my distrusting side comes through. I just don’t trust them to deliver, as you say. I just hate when I see these “easy” or “quick” beef wellington recipes. Nothing in this recipe is meant to be quick…or easy.

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