The first time I went into a Morton’s restaurant, it felt like I was returning to an old memory.  If a restaurant can be designated either male or female, this restaurant would definitely be male.  From the décor and appointments that are subliminally recorded in one’s brain and to the music in the background, it is a sense of déjà vu that you have gone back in time.  It feels like going back in time to a more carefree and simple time of going into a great steak house.  I think I may have even mentioned this to my Bride the first time we went to a Morton’s.


What a dining experience and you can tell that it is a Chicago style eatery.  You have to be hungry when you go, otherwise you will be carting a huge “doggy-bag” home.  Your server comes by with the food displayed on a cart showing the different cuts of meat, and you may follow this presentation with the small menu list that is at your table.  Everything is arranged for sharing, because of the size of the dishes offered.  The first time I saw the potatoes being offered I joked that they must have grown on a radioactive farm as I had never seen a potato a large as the ones being shown.  They are also very attentive to your desires and may let you change almost anything to make the dinner your personal choice.



I have attended this restaurant with my Bride and other couples, with one of my sons and with the boys.  Each time has been a great evening with a great dinner.  I enjoy listening to someone’s remarks if it is there first time as they see the food presentation and when it is actually brought to the table and served.  I have never been disappointed.


The wine list is also a well crafted grouping, and I am sure that there was much research and study that went into it, to make the Wine Aficionado’s “list” of great wine restaurants.  From good to great wines are offered in several price points to accommodate most dining budgets.  That is what I enjoy most about wine, is that one does not have to order the top of the line.  On one of my many trips to Morton’s I enjoyed a bottle of Liparita Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 from the Stags Leap District.  Liparita Winery only offers a few wines and each from a different sub classification from the Napa Valley, as they proclaim themselves as “pure Napa Valley wine.”  This was a wonderful wine which complimented the carnivore dinner without breaking the bank, and just added to the total package of enjoyment of the moment

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