“Beast on the Moon,” Dinner and Wine in Chelsea

Even if you didn’t know about the Ottoman Turks genocide against the Armenians, the play “Beast on the Moon” was a story that most people could relate to the concept that life is precious.  We first heard of this play from my sister-in-law who saw it at the Humana Festival of New American Plays when it was performed at the Actors Theatre of Louisville.   So when we heard it was coming to the Detroit area we had to get tickets.


The play was produced by The Purple Rose Theatre Company of Chelsea, Michigan.  This company was founded by the actor Jeff Daniels, a star of theatre, cinema and television.  He is from and has his family living in Chelsea rather then in California.  His theatre company has put on many plays since its opening days.  One thing I must mention is that the theater is small and intimate and there is not a bad seat in the house.


We arrived before the play, and planned on dinner at the Common Grill also in Chelsea.  The restaurant reminded me of an old five and ten store from my youth, so that may have been the original shop that was there.  There was a blackboard along the back of the restaurant with names of many types of fish painted on the board.  Then they used chalk (if I remember correctly) to indicate which of the fish were fresh for the evening’s meals.  Another unique aspect of the restaurant was that after you selected the fish, you selected the manner that you wished the fish to be prepared; grilled, sautéed, poached etc.  I thought that this was a great way, so you couldn’t complain that the fish wasn’t prepared how you liked it or you could experiment with a new experience.


While we were there we tried a bottle of Chardonnay from California.  Stone Creek winery is based in Lodi, Mendocino County and is part of the Weibel Family Vineyards and Winery.  Since we were both enjoying a fish dinner, a Chardonnay wine was a simple and easy choice to pair with the meal.   It is fun to try a new wine, even when you have no knowledge of the winery before-hand.



After dinner, we wandered around the downtown area of Chelsea.  My only knowledge up to that point in Chelsea was that “Jiffy” mixes were made there.  I now can appreciate the city for more than that bit of information.  I would recommend a trip to Chelsea for dinner and a show if you get the chance.

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