A Day in Las Vegas

We just came back from a visit to Las Vegas to see two of our children and five of our grandchildren.  We always like to take the children to a museum or some place educational, as we are sure that they play enough.   So one day we went to the Mob Museum, the last time we were there it was about three weeks early for the opening of the museum.   It was fun for all, as they got a chance to be photographed in a line up behind a two way mirror.  They also got to “shoot” a Thompson Machine Gun, much to the chagrin of the other patrons that day, as they would not leave that room for what seemed like hours with the rat-a-tat-tat going on endlessly.



There were also inter-active displays to keep them interested through out the three floors of information.   That sat through all the little films in assorted rooms and listened to wire taps, as well as listening to the gambling “wires.”  They could identify many of the actors’ pictures as when they depicted “gangsters.”


We then walked over to the old section of Las Vegas, the downtown area, which has become one large covered arcade of casinos for several blocks.   We stopped at several areas, just like tourists and watched how the children reacted to all the excitement of the street.   We also stopped at the new casino the D (as in Detroit) so I thought a classic Detroit Coney Island would be perfect for the kids to try, as they have never been to Detroit.  Alas, not only did the new casino hand me a blank book of matches, when I was looking for a souvenir, the Coney Island restaurant was not ready to open.  It was a thought that will have to wait until the next visit.


Afterwards my daughter wanted to cook for her dear old Dad.  I checked to see where the closest hospital was (just joking Michelle).   She made a dinner of classic stuffed cabbage and smoked kielbasa, which was wonderful.   We had bought a cupcake birthday cake with the names of the birthday people for the balance of the year, and we sang six times to cover everyone’s day.


We started with a bottle of Chardonnay Bourgogne Louis Jadot 2010.  I had hoped for a more “French” Chardonnay but ended up with a bottle that was made by the blender with an eye for the American market.   It was pleasant enough, but it was a “Chablis Lite” as far as I was concerned.   The other wine we had was a Beaulieu Vineyard Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 and it was enjoyable with our dinner.  Some forward fruit along with the tannins, kept this wine from being overpowering to the stuffed cabbage and kielbasa.    The evening, the food, the company and the wine all paired very well together.

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