Dominus Estate

This wine perhaps has the most magnificent nose that I have ever encountered.  When the goblet is first filled after decanting the wine and the aroma inhaled, it is almost a wine nirvana.  You wonder why all wines are not like this.  The color of the wine is deep; the nose is perfect leading towards an almost hedonistic pleasure just from sensory overload.   That first taste that is whistled in is hypnotic.  I realize that I am waxing poetic, but you will as well, after encountering this wine.


Dominus is Latin for “Lord of the Estate.”  I am sure that Christian Moueix knew that he would be pressed to live up to that title.  Christian Moueix comes from a famed wine family from Bordeaux, France and among the many wineries that they own is Chateau Petrus (which alas I have never had) and Chateau Trotanoy both from the Commune of Pomerol.  He acquired the old Napanook Vineyard in Napa Valley and has made it his own.


The first bottle I had was a 1994 vintage at Shariat Restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky.  The food was very artistic and creative, the menu eclectic and a wonderful dining experience.  Add to that mix a bottle of Dominus and the evening was complete and memorable.   My Brother-in-law is very partial to this wine, and I am so glad that he turned me on to it.


A couple of years later on one of his visits he brought a 1998 Dominus that we had for dinner, and it had all the characteristics of the 1994.  I believe that Dominus only had one year that they didn’t declare a vintage and that would have been for 1993.  That is what I call dedication and pride, and not wanted to alienate the loyal fans of this great wine.


My Bride says that she could just sit with a glass of this wine and breathe in that heavenly aroma or nose all evening and be happy.  For my Brother-in-law I have a 1997 vintage waiting to reciprocate one night for dinner.

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