Saumur de Champigny

I remember having dinner at the Viscount Hotel in Windsor when I was in high school on a date.   They had a very formal old school restaurant that was very elegant.  That is how I remember it as a young man.  I thought it was classy and had a style that I had not encountered before.  Not only was I impressed, but so was my date.  Not only was I at a classy restaurant for the evening, I was also in another country.  How suave was that.



We both had dinners featuring pork as I recall.  So I was going to be “Joe Cool” and order something different.  Since we were in Canada, the restaurant had a large grouping of French wines, and then Canadian and the rest of the world followed.  I remember that there was a large selection of Bordeaux and Bordeaux Superior wines.  I knew I didn’t want anything that heavy to go with pork.  Already I was becoming an “authority.”



As I was looking for alternatives to a Bordeaux wine, they had a couple of offerings from the Loire Valley.  From my readings at the time, I knew that these would be a softer red wine and not sweet like a Beaujolais type of wine.  There were a couple “generic” wines from the Loire Valley and a Saumur de Champigny.  I did not know this wine, but I figured that it was from a more delineated area, so I would get a better idea of what to expect from the wines.   Turns out it was a wonderful wine made from Cabernet Franc grapes.


A couple days later, after I had soaked the label off of the bottle, I did some further research in my reference book by Alexis Bespaloff.  Here is what he had to say; “The village of Saumur produces white wines from the Chenin Blanc and roses and red from the Cabernet Franc.  The reds are attractive, especially those from the village of Champigny.  If you come across a bottle of Saumur de Champigny, it’s worth trying.”


So I guess I made a wise decision.

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