Hula Girls and Tiny Bubbles

One night I ended up on stage with Hula Girls in their skimpy attire in Las Vegas.  I was there on my first honeymoon and this was Vegas, when it was a “family” town.   It was glamorous and gaudy all bundled up together.  Everybody got dressed up in their finest clothes and enjoyed the festivities.  It gave the feeling that everyone was part of the “Rat Pack,” and what was more exciting then that.  The casino/hotels were not separate zip codes back then, and the main goal of all the entertainment and dinners was to keep you gambling.


I am not a gambler, never have and never will.  Alright when I used to go there I gambled, but I lost and if I am going to give my money away, I hope to get something in return.  Oh well.  I remember, going to see some of my Father’s old friends that were “pit bosses” or some other titled position in the casinos.  One of the “pit bosses” that I looked up offered me a line pass to go see Don Ho at the casino.  At that time, Don Ho was billed as the “Dean Martin” of Hawaii and he was a regular performer in Vegas.  In those days you went to see a “star” at the shows, today if they changed the entire cast overnight on some of the big extravaganza shows that have run for years, you would never know it.  I mean would you know one blue man from another?



So that evening I had a line pass, which is just a fancy way of saying that you don’t have to wait in line to get your table assignment.  For an extra gratuity, you ended up stage-side.  We made chit chat with some people at the next table and waited for the show.  Don Ho had a complete Vegas revue show with dancers, singers, comics and talks with the audience.  Somewhere during the show, he asked if there were any honeymooners in the audience that evening.  I was cajoled to raise my hand, and the next thing I know two young Hula Girls were escorting me to the wings of the stage.


Once backstage, the ladies had a “certain” look for me, so they took my suit coat off and I believe my dress shirt as well, and left me with my tie, trousers and shoes.  I could see Don Ho performing, and his piano was designed so that the entire length of the piano had a row of glasses side by side.  This could not be seen from the audience.  He was getting ready to perform “Tiny Bubbles” which was his theme song.  The girls brought me on-stage and stood me rather sheepishly between the two of them as they started to do a hula with me.  The next thing I know, one of them is holding her top, running off the stage and looks at the audience and says “And he is on his honeymoon.”  The audience roared, I was taken back in the wings to get properly dressed, while “Tiny Bubbles” was being performed.


I got back to my table, and there was an ice bucket on a pedestal next to my table with a bottle of champagne, courtesy of my “co-star.”

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A non-technical wine writer, who enjoys the moment with the wine, as much as the wine. Instagram/thewineraconteur Facebook/ The Wine Raconteur
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4 Responses to Hula Girls and Tiny Bubbles

  1. You crack me up. The lengths you go to for anything wine-related. Just fabulous!! 🙂

    • When I look at a wine label, sometimes it is a great wine, sometimes it reminds me of a memorable evening, sometimes the wine was not enjoyable and sometimes the wine is just peripheral to the memory. Do I write only about serious wines and winemaking only? Or should I also relate stories that make me smile even though a wine wouldn’t rate a score in the 90’s. I think there is room for both types of stories. Life and wine are there to be enjoyed.

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